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So if you saw the Pretty Little Liars season 6 summer finale, you know that there's still tons of unexplained events in the show that you would love to see, well, explained! Wait no more, because Marlene King had an enterview with Entertainment Weekly and answered those questions that we've all been asking!

First of all, don't forget:

A is Charles DiLaurentis, who is Charlotte DiLaurentis, whom we’ve known as CeCe Drake.

Sara Harvey is the Black Widow, and also Red Coat.

Who shot Ezra on the rooftop in episode 4×24?
Answer: Shana
Who murdered Detective Wilden?
Answer: CeCe Drake
Who crashed their car right through Emily’s beautiful home?
Answer: Charlotte
Who killed Ian Thomas?
Answer: He unfortunately took his own life , but Mona faked the note and crime scene.
We know that Ali saved Hanna from the Thornhill Lodge fire; but who saved the other girls?
Answer: Sara Harvey
Who set the fire in the first place?
Answer: Shana
Who killed Garrett and stuffed Aria in a box containing his body on the Halloween train?
Answer: Detective Wilden
Who blew up Toby and Jenna’s family home?
Answer: Charlotte
Who hit Jenna on the head with a rock and left her to drown?
Answer: “That was Charlotte because Jenna knew Ali was alive,” Marlene explained. “That’s something we have not discussed on the show so that’s totally new information.”
Who placed bones in Spencer’s wedding dress from the fashion show fundraiser in episode 4×23?
Who abducted Mona and faked her death?
Answer: Charlotte
Who sent poor Jason on the elevator ride from hell in episode 3×19?
Answer: Charlotte. Her intention wasn’t to kill, it was just “an impulsive act of revenge.”
Who — or what — was in the damn barrel?
Answer: Just a cadaver, stolen from a medical school.
Who set a snake loose in Spencer’s dressing room in episode 3×11?
Answer: Charlotte
Who tried to saw Emily in two on a sawmill conveyer belt in episode 4×12?
Answer: Charlotte
And if Charlotte accidentally hit Ali over the head thinking she was Bethany who ended up knocking Bethany unconscious?
Mona Vanderwaal. But she thought she was attacking Alison, not Bethany.

So that's it! But let's face it, we still have a lot of unanswered questions, so we'll just have to wait for Pretty Little Liars to return.


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