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Lets give all of our new Creators another huge round of applause shall we? This week was another one for the books in terms of new Creators content, and we've got another exciting, well-rounded top list for you all this week. Enjoy the posts below, and show some love to these talented new Moviepilot Creators!!

1. Understanding Marvel's Movie Multiverse by Marco Antonio Calero

There are many realities that make up Marvel’s multiverse, I'm sure I'm not the only one who's confused about what's what and who's who. Luckily brand new Creator Marco Antonio Calero has come to our rescue. He takes us through the marvelous world of Marvel's cinematic universe, film by film, franchise by franchise. So, what is a multiverse you ask? Check out his article and find out!

2. Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers at 22: Where Are They Now? by Shelby Frye

If you're a 90s kid then the chances are that you grew up with the 'Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers'. I'm sure Amy Jo Johnson, the Pink Ranger had dozens of young boys swooning with her good looks and kick-ass fighting skills. Personally, I thought they were all the coolest people on the planet. Brand new Creator Shelby Frye takes us on a trip down memory lane and tells us what the original Power Rangers, our childhood heroes, have been up to since.

3. What Did The Hulk See in Avengers: Age of Ultron? by Michael Wrigglesworth

Creator Michael Wrigglesworth noticed something whilst watching Marvel's second outing with the Avengers: the audience sees everyone's visions given to them by Scarlet Witch, except Bruce Banners! I'll admit it, when watching Avengers: Age of Ultron I was so engrossed in this epic action sequence that I didn't stop and think about each and every vision experienced by Earth's mightiest heroes. With great insight into this scene, Michael explores the possibilities of Bruce's greatest fear.

4. One Day at Horrorland... The Top 10 Books In The Goosebumps Series by J'onn Plissken Nicholson

Where are all my 90's babies!? This post is for you, guys. With the release a Goosebumps film on the horizon, I feel like this is an appropriate time to take a trip down nightmare lane and look back at some of our favorite scares from horror author R.L. Stine. Lucky for us, new Creator, J'onn Nicholson has been kind enough to compile a list of Stine's 10 best books and if you ask me, it's horrifyingly accurate.

5. 3 Reasons Why Arrow's Felicity Smoak Should Have a Spinoff CW Series! by ❤️follow me robert❤️

Arrow fans seem to be divided between those who ship 'Olicity' and those who want to see Oliver become a lone ranger once again. Well, this creator thinks the answer is to give Felicity her own show! Why? You'll have to read the post to find out!

6. Symbols Revealing The Absurdity of War in Anti-War Movies by Arash Farzaneh

The representation of war in cinema is quite common, thought it seems that with every new film adaptation we find different ways to show the complete 'absurdity' of these conflicts. Some films take the common, outspoken 'anti-war' approach, while others find more subtle ways such as the use of symbols to prove the irrationality of man's history of violence. Here are three classic war films that use the latter technique to perfection.

7. SFX Makeup Artist Recreates Movies/TV Shows' Wounds and Other Injuries by Juliette

Are you ready for some gore? I don't know if you are... ok you twisted our arm. Here, brand new Creator Juliette shows off her SFX makeup skills to bring us some truly horrifying images worthy of the most gruesome of slasher movies. WARNING - not for the faint hearted!

8. Antique Side Darth Vader by Alain Bellino

Ok, so there has never been anything really fancy or decadent about Darth Vader... until NOW! Artist, Alain Bellino recreates that classic iconic helmet with old, ornate antique metal parts. I could definitely see Darth at a dinner party sporting this classy piece!

9. Shape shifting abilities?...or just makeup? By Danielle Raichner

This week has been a great week for crazy facial transformations! From zombies, demons, victims of horrific accidents all the way to Harley Quinn, Danielle Raichner completely morphs her face like a real life shape shifter!

10. Who is the Red Hood? The Origins of Jason Todd, aka Robin by Χρυσόστομος

Ok, so you've heard the rumours that Jared Leto's Joker might actually be Jason Todd a.k.a Red Hood, but you might not actually know the true origin story behind this character. Our brand new Creator hailing from Greece has the answers to our questions!


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