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A week or so ago, everyone got into a (brief) frenzy over the rumor that Mad Max: Fury Road director, George Miller, was signed on by Warner Bros. to direct the TRUE Man of Steel sequel. Honestly, I was hoping that the rumor was true myself but a day or so after that, we the fans were shut down to hear that that was not the case.

But the new rumor is that George Miller is signed on for an unknown DC adaptation. This was the "damage-control" rumor that was sent out to the masses whenever the Man of Steel 2 rumor was shut down. There's lots of speculation as to what the 70-year-old director will choose as his DC movie and I know that I could very easily see him do a number of different movies that could exist in the DC Extended Universe.

I want to do a sort of countdown of 3 movies that would be able to thrive under Miller's direction before going into the last one, which I feel he would be best suited.

3. Hawkman & Hawkgirl

This is one of those movies that I've been hoping to see made later on down Warner Bros. and DC's slate of movies once they finish their first slate. The characters have been described as savage and if there's one thing I know George Miller can direct well into a film, it's savagery.

This could afford to be a very violent film considering that the characters use maces against their enemies. There's no way you could incorporate a mace as a heroes main weapon and not have it be a bit bloody. After watching Mad Max: Fury Road, I'm convinced that this wouldn't be a bad turn for DC if they decided to go through with something like this.

And like Mad Max: Fury Road, you have two main protagonists that are both male and female and that both know how dish out a good butt-kicking. This would be a great film to see these two characters along with their rich and historical lore incorporated into the DC Extended Universe.

2. Batman

I think George has what it takes to pull of the dark and brooding Caped Crusader's solo film. He obviously knows how to create an atmosphere that is both filled with life and darkness and knows how to spin it into one cohesive ball of awesome. This skill would be needed for a city like Gotham which will already be established in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, where I feel Zack Snyder also carries that same talent.

Another thing regarding a Batman film is that the people that live in his city, particularly the thugs, baddies, and villains that lurk in the darkest corners. Another great area where George might be able to thrive would be the Mutants that Frank Miller wrote into his "Dark Knight Returns" graphic novel.

George Miller likes odd characters both visually and in personality, the Mutant Leader, with his unique way of speaking, file-sharpened teeth, and nipple spikes, really fits within that Mad Max-ish vibe that George Miller has created.

We also know that the Batman in the DCEU is going to be rougher around the edges. I like the term that Zack Snyder used for him: "crusty". This Batman is one that pushes the boundaries and may even step over them when ultimately necessary.

I could just ultimately see George Miller doing wonders with Batman, even if he didn't adapt a more true-to-source of "The Dark Knight Returns".

But then again, as awesome as this would be, I think a majority of us are hoping for Batman actor, Ben Affleck, to not only star in his own solo franchise but direct it as well.

1. Lobo

I have to tell you, after seeing Mad Max: Fury Road for the first time just last week, I was going into the movie with a DC property on my mind, constantly thinking:

"What could George Miller direct that would be DC? What is the perfect fit?"

It was during the movies many high-octane and insane moments that I realized that the DC character that would best fit Miller's style would be Lobo.

There has been rumors upon rumors about Lobo getting his own film for a very long time. The rumors predate the Man of Steel or any thought of an extended film universe. The rumors included ridiculous things like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson playing the "Main Man". Then after Man of Steel and after Johnson was confirmed to appear in the 2019 Shazam film as Black Adam, rumors began circling that Jason Momoa was going to done the sleeveless leather jacket and straddle the rugged space hog. But alas, even that didn't come to pass as he was confirmed to appear as Aquaman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice as well as joining 2017's Justice League part one and finally getting his own film the following year.

So there currently are no known plans to have Lobo grace the big-screen in a solo venture. But the concept of it is appealing. He was created as DC's answer to Marvel's Wolverine, whom everyone loves. I kind of liken him to a more gritty, mature Deadpool in that he's a wise-cracking smart-mouth who is consistently hyper-violent.

So tonally, it could very well fit in the DCEU, especially if there are movies like Suicide Squad. This is something that George Miller could really tap into and make something amazing with as the formula for the character is seen in the Mad Max: Fury Road movie. All that you need to do is add some aliens and space and hope that some day this character gets the chance to come to blows with Henry Cavill's Superman.


But what do you guys think? If George Miller is going to direct a DC property, what should it be? Do you like my choices? Was there one in particular that stood out among the others to you? Or is there another DC property that I didn't mention here that George Miller could direct?

Make sure to share all your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below and don't forget to vote in the poll!


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