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The second wave of films to be presented is epic......

The FANTASTIC FEST FILM FESTIVAL announced the second wave of this years screenings, and it was nothing short of phenomenal. A stellar line up of foreign and national films, first time filmmakers and genre greats. Asian gore guru TAKASHI MIIKE'S latest, YAKUZA APOCALYPSE will be screened at the South Lamar, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Austin for its Texas premiere.

BELLADONNA OF SADNESS, the 1973 Japanese film from director EIICHI YAMAMOTO, has never been released in the US. The psychedelic trek of a young girl attacked, later involving a deal with the Devil himself, has garnered much acclaim from those who have been lucky enough to experience it. After its stunning 4K restoration, fest goers can now enjoy this touched up tale.

Another first to be experienced is a film from the United Arab Emirates, having never been represented before at FANTASTIC FEST. This year, Tim League, the founder of FANTASTIC FEST and the Alamo Drafthouse, Drafthouse Films, has included a well rounded selection of films from around the globe. ZINZANA is the fast paced thriller directed by MAJID AL ANSARI hailing from the United Arab Emirates.

Alumni of FANTASTIC FEST are responsible for some of the most anticipated watches. HIGH RISE from BEN WHEATLEY adapted from JG Ballards uninspirational view on modern life, starring TOM HIDDLESTON. The critically acclaimed film, BLUE RUIN paved the way for JEREMY SAULNIER'S return to the fest with his latest THE GREEN ROOM. Surprisingly enough, PATRICK STUART leads the cast on this comedy incorporating horror as a diabolical club owner taking on a crafty punk band.

The impressive run down of films to be shown also includes a lil film entitled LAZER TEAM. In July of last year, LAZER TEAM became the most funded film project on , an impressive feat completed by ROOSTER TEETH and their first feature film endeavor. 'Rwby' has earned the title of 'longest running web series in history' as well as the award winning ROOSTER TEETH PODCAST (Best gaming podcast 2013). Mostly focusing on the gaming community, ROOSTER TEETH also initiated the RTX Annual Internet and Gaming Convention.

Following LAZER TEAM'S World Premiere on September 24, the director MATT HILLMAN accompanied by cast and crew, will conduct a Q&A at the Drafthouse's South Lamar location. The team behind the movie BERNIE BERNS, JOSH FLANAGAN, CHRIS DEMARAIS, and MATT HILLMAN have all agreed that having the World Premiere in their very own hometown of Austin, TX means the world to them.

As I mentioned in my previous piece, everything from gaming geeks to horrorhounds make the trip to the Lone Star State to partake in the laid back, industry favorite festival. It has been described as a movie lovers Heaven on Earth, and the geeky Telluride, but everyone usually agrees its a damn good time with damn good films. FANTASTIC FEST kicks off September 24 and still has a few festival badges available. If you will be in Southcentral Texas during this coveted event, I suggest you take a gander atbthe glory that is Austin, the Alamo, and FANTASTIC FEST!!!



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