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Matthew Chapman

An alien on the run from his own people makes friends with a girl. He tries to help her on her quest, but can be an interference.

Didn’t really have any expectations about this film, most animated films can be predictable and repetitive.

Luckily Home is entertaining enough that you just don’t care.

The animation is smooth and very colourful, the characters and voice actors match up seamlessly. As well as Rihannas voice being very distinctive in the movie so is her music – I think I counted five of her songs throughout the movie and it wasn’t her character singing them.

Jim Parsons character of Oh is pretty much Sheldon Cooper in animation form.

It was an entertaining and funny film, one that I could watch again.

CHAPPY THINKS that he can't wait for the sequel; Home 2: Under My Umbrella-Ella-Ella-Eh-Eh-Eh! (Get it?!?) :D


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