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Not much of a comic book reader in fact i've never read a comic book because they do not sell it in my country but i love reading your blogs
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While we wait for the release of Batman V.S Superman Dawn of Justice, we've busting head heads against the wall to try and find out how it will all go down. How our beloved childhood heroes tear each other up to pieces. If Superman were to win, it would be the same old routine. Punching, flying, kicking, laser shooting, you know, the usual. Butif Batman were to win, it wouldn't be as easy. Let's face it, Superman is stronger, faster and can fly. The odds are against Batman but it's the way it always was and luckily Batman has been more cunning and that's what he has to be to defeat Superman. So, how can he do it? The way i see it, Batman has no choice but to use kryptonie. It's the only solution bu how can he use it? I've come up with four ways and they are:

1. Kryptonite Weapon

This on is straight from a scene from the trailer where we see Batman holding a kryptonite spear which can weaken Superman but i think this spear was meant to kill Superman. If so, we're set to see a darker side of Batman that is willing to brake his most important rule which is to never kill anyone

2. Kryptonite Prison

We all know the effect green kryptonite has on Superman so Batman could use it to weaken Superman long enough to get him into a cell that is entirely made of kryptonite that would weaken him but not kill him therefore defeating Superman and not giving up on his morals.

3. Golden Kryptonite

As i have learned from the series Smallville, gold kryptonite causes the loss of power inevitably but as i have read, its effect only lasted for fifteen minutes. In that caseif we're set to see a darker batman he would use the gold kryptonite and kill Batman within the fifteen minutes. But if we are set to see our good ald Batman i think he'll implant the gold kryptonite in Superman's body and making him mortal and let him live the rest of his life as an ordinary man

4. A Joker Move

And i don't mean the usual mind games but i mean some serious messing with his brain because as The Joker once said:

Madness is like gravity, all you need is a little push

How is Batman going to preform the mind games? He'll insert a red kryptonite in Superman's body that will make him stronger and more aggressive which could lead into some pretty big trouble and possibly the death of some civilians which will ultimately set Superman over the edge knowing that he is insecure about his actions and wether he is worthy of being a hero. Therefore Superman will go insane and will probably kill himself.

5. An Iron Man Move

By that i mean that just like Iron Man made Vision, Batman can take general Zod's body, bring him back to life, but control him and give himsome red kryptonite which would make him stronger and send it to kill Superman or defeat him. Whatever works with Batman.

So as you see there is a lot of ways Batman could use to defeat Superman even if they all are based on the use of kryptonite but Bruce Wayne is loaded. I mean, if Lex Luthor could get his hands on some kryptonite, it couldn't be hard for Batman.

What do you guys think?


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