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Baldwin Collins

Found this movie entertaining and also disturbing at the same time, the plot starts with two young boys Travis and Harrison Happy go lucky wondering through a country field, cursing words and daring each other who can curse the most. coming up to a barbed wire fence the two boys take turns in climbing through it . Still continuing their journey, they come across a police car marked sheriff, in a secluded wooded area, with a empty beer bottle on the cars bonnet, and strangely nobody for the car is nearby.

Travis Still in the playing around mood dares Harrison to open the car, until both boys decide to try all the doors, Harrison finds that the drivers side door is open and Travis gets in . Playing around inside leads them to touching everything in sight, until Travis hits the visor over his head and the car keys drops out, Travis takes a chance and starts the police car both boys startled, by the sound of the car they get out and start to run, suddenly Realizing nobody comes, they return to the car.

Travis and Harrison returns to the car hop in and drive away through the open country fields, this is where the boys problems begin, and also the real interesting part of the story.

The Flash back to the sheriff played by Kevin Bacon leaving the car wasn't needed, the scene should've been the beginning , however That's just my opinion about film making , Kevin Bacon's performance as sheriff kretzer is great a character whose careless ruthless and also cunning, the two boys played by James Freedson -Jackson as Travis and Hay Wellford as Harrison gave wonderful performances as the innocent care free troubled boys, Camryn manhein's character was very much under utilized the character had more to offer if was in more scene's. seeing children handling Guns in this film was disturbing to me, But still found it Entertaining. it's a must see for parents raising children in todays world.


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