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In this list I gonna talk about some movies that the MCU should make on the next phase4 or in phase3

-) A Black Widow/Hawkeye Origins Movie

We all were waiting a movie of our two "real heroes" and their origins and how they enjoyed S.H.I.E.L.D for example (spoilers( when black widow was dreaming cause of the magic of scarlet witch we saw her remembering about her training so she can join S.H.I.E.L.D

-) A Hulk Solo Movie/Planet Hulk

Since 7 years we didn't saw Hulk alone in a movie, we need to know more about Hulk and his villains. Or they can show us (spoilers( after hulk has been in that jet in avengers age of ultron the jet have. Been landed in a island and maybe that the famous "planet Hulk"

-) A Serious Spider-Man Movie

Enough of changing the cast of our favourite Superhero, We all need a actor in we trust. From Tobey to Andrew To Tom Holland, now let's make marvel choose a real actor who had an experience and keep it to make with him a full Spider-Man trilogy with more super villians.

-) A Villian Movie

I always dreamed of a marvel villians origins movie for example before the infinity war why we don't make a movie to know more about thanos . Or just making a movie like Dc Suicide sQuad of course I'm talking about The Sinister Six or a movie about Hydra.

-) A Punisher/Daredevil Movie


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