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If there is one film in the world that defines my childhood, it's Little Monsters. It was the reason I tried playing wiffleball in the house and broke a lamp, and the reason I wanted to try a peanut butter and onion sandwich with apple juice. It's the reason I still refer to bras as "over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders". I consider it one of the most fun, quotable, relatable family "horror" films of all time. If you haven't seen it, I suggest you go and get it right now and change your life.

The film tells the story of Brian and Eric, two brothers who move into a new house far away from their friends, and they're having a hard time adjusting to their new town. When Eric starts complaining that there's a monster living under his bed, Brian steps in to "ease his brother's mind" (desperately make fun of the poor kid).

When Brian discovers that maybe Eric isn't so wrong after all, he befriends Maurice, a goofy monster with a love for breaking the rules and making inappropriate jokes. But there's trouble in the monster world...what the heck did Brian get himself into?

Now, with the film's 26th anniversary coming up on September 29th, let's take a look at the cast then, and now!

Fred Savage

Leading man Fred Savage played Brian, the mature, confused kid who befriends a monster.

Where is he now? Fred Savage's acting career after Little Monsters has consisted of starring roles in The Wonder Years and The Princess Bride, and smaller roles in TV shows such as narration roles and voice-acting roles in shows like Bojack Horseman, Family Guy, and Justice League.

It's his directing career that has really taken off: he's directed 18 episodes of Two Broke Girls, and 7 episodes of Modern Family and doesn't show any signs of slowing down!

Ben Savage

Ben makes his mark as Eric, the scared but adorable younger brother to Brian.

Yes, the two brothers in the film are brothers in real life as well!

Where is he now? While Fred took the route of directing, Ben is still going strong as an actor. He worked alongside his brother in The Wonder Years in a starring role and credits the show as to why he was inspired to continue acting.

Oh, and no big deal, you may know Mr. Savage as Cory Matthews in Boy Meets World, one of the biggest 90's shows on TV. He's now reprising his role as Cory in Girl Meets World on Disney channel!

Howie Mandel

Most people totally forget Howie Mandel is in Little Monsters under all that makeup, but who could forget that humor?

Right before Little Monsters, Howie voiced the famous gremlin Gizmo in Gremlins, and right afterwards, reprised his role in Gremlins 2: The New Batch.

Where is he now? Since then, he's taken TV series roles (he was even on The Nanny!) and has appeared in The Big Bang Theory, hosted the show Deal or No Deal, and is a judge on the ever-so-popular America's Got Talent. He's still got it!

Daniel Stern

Portraying the strict father of the Stevenson family, Glen Stevenson was a character you couldn't help but feel was against the kids. Makes sense, considering some of his following roles...

Where is he now? Most famously, Daniel Stern was in Home Alone and Home Alone 2 as Marv Merchants! He also took a role on The Wonder Years as Kevin Arnold. Speaking of Arnold...he was also the voice of Mr. Packenham on an episode of Hey Arnold! He continues to take small roles in television and film.

Margaret Whitton

Laid-back, understanding mother to the Stevenson boys, Holly Stevenson was played by the beautiful Margaret Whitton.

Where is she now? Since Little Monsters, Whitton has taken many television roles and a few film roles. She is best known for her work prior to Little Monsters, but has since directed her own film A Bird of the Air in 2011!

Amber Barretto

Barretto's character Kiersten was wise beyond her years, and Brian's big-time crush. Aiding Brian in the monster world, her expertise in science and lighting came in pretty handy.

Where is she now? Amber Barretto went on to take a few minor roles in television shows and is best known for her recurring role as Kristy Ford in the show Hang Time. Since then, she has not done anything in film or TV, but she's been married and has had two children since 2007, and is now living in LA.

And last but not least:

Frank Whaley

Whaley played Boy, the horrifying man-child we all loved to hate. Who doesn't remember the scene when his face melts off?!

Where is he now? After Little Monsters, Whaley has been busy with both acting and directing. Best known for his role as Brett in Pulp Fiction ("Do they speak English in What?!"), he's been picking up roles like Alan in Pursuit of Happiness for which he won the Best Actor award at the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival, and directed Like Sunday, Like Rain starring Leighton Meester, Billie Joe Armstrong, and Debra Messing.

Pretty crazy that the cast keeps so busy, right? 26 years later, and they've all still got it! Maybe one day we'll get a Little Monsters reunion...? -crosses fingers-

Until we see a reunion, I suggest you all sit back with a cup of apple juice (but sniff it first) and some strawberry ice cream fresh out of the cabinet, and watch Little Monsters again.


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