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One Batch, Two Batch, Penny And A Dime

While Kevin Smith may have to change the name of his very popular Podcast Fat-Man on Batman due to his very inspirational weight loss, the one thing that will not change however, is his everlasting knowledge as it pertains to comic books. Getting his first big break when he sold his ENTIRE comics collection to fund his independent cult hit Clerks, he has went on to direct multiple different films, some acclaimed and some not so much. Kevin smith is a very unique director, you either love him or hate him, but a few months back when asked what superhero he would like to bring to the big screen he responded with "The Question". While a Kevin Smith directed Question film would undoubtedly be pretty awesome, there are a couple of more superhero films I think Smith would do great in directing!

3. Green Lantern

It is no secret that the 2011 Green Lantern film starring Ryan Reynolds (Who is now DEADPOOL!) was an abysmal failure. I believe that Kevin Smith would be able to do pretty great things with the character on the big screen. Green Lantern is a very difficult character to pull of so it would definitely be a challenge. While I didn't think Ryan Reynolds did a particularly bad job as Hal Jordan, the production for this film was all wrong and that was what drove it into the ground. While Kevin Smith would do well, a quality casting choice for either Hal Jordan or John Stewart would be crucial to the films success. In brightest day, and darkest night, Kevin Smith could do it right!

2. Daredevil

Anyone who is a fan of Daredevil comic books may agree that Kevin Smith run as a writer is some of the greatest storylines in Marvel Comics history. Kevin Smith's knowledge on the character of Matt Murdock is unquestioned and I think he knows what it will take to it successful on the big screen. Back in 2003, Kevin Smith's former bestie Ben Affleck took on the role of Daredevil and while his performance was decent at best, the film was really unimpressive in all aspects. With an already stellar cast in the Daredevil Netflix series, all the pieces are already there for Smith to be successful. Don't be "blind" to these facts, Kevin Smith clearly can "see" what needs to be done.


This is going to garner either one of two responses, "Kevin Smith would be great for Batman!" or "No keep him away from our beloved Batman". I am a firm believer in the first choice that Kevin Smith would make a more than excellent Batman film. If he could somehow rekindle his relationship with Ben Affleck (formerly Daredevil) then I think the two could make big things happen! Ben Affleck has supposedly signed a deal to act in and direct 3 standalone Batman films for the DCCU so it is unlikely we will ever see a Kevin Smith directed Batman film unfortunately. Much like Daredevil, Kevin Smith has written some more than excellent Batman stories for DC and he for sure knows a lot about the character. I am a firm supporter in that Skinny-Man (Formerly Fat-Man) should get a shot at Bat-Man!


What Superhero film would you like to see Kevin Smith direct?


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