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It seems as though Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is more than ready for his onscreen debut as Black Adam in Warner's planned Shazam film. Pre-production hasn't even begun on the standalone superhero film, and already, the actor is antagonizing one of the greatest heroes of the DC Universe: Superman.

In a tweet from earlier this morning, Johnson sits -- looking much like a superhero himself -- with a Superman shirt on, brightened and colorful against an otherwise black-and-white photo. But his message is what makes this tweet a good one:

One of the best guesses in response to The Rock's semi-cryptic tweet deciphers the hashtag's abbreviation, "" as: "Black Adam is gonna kick Superman directly in the d*ck." The 'S' could also stand for Shazam, of course.

Shazam has a planned April 5, 2019 release date.


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