ByRayyan Ikram, writer at

We all know now that DC is making a justice League movie in 2017 !!! Awesome beyond imagination !! But , I went out and got a great piece of info for this upcoming blockbuster . There is only one potential villain for the JL movie .

Darkseid .

DC have been hiding many things about their movies , who knows , they might come up and say that the JL movie will be divided into two parts , like Infinity War ? If they do that , then , that can only mean one thing . Darkest . He is a great big powerful villain . It will be an amazing story and we will be able to see some great action . We get villains like gangster , or assassins , but someone with more than super-powers , is just great . DC have dot provide some good movies , and good movies , need good villains . He is the most likely person to be able to kill the Justice League .

How will they Introduce him ??

Yes , this means one thing . End-credits scene . The movies in MCU introduce big villains through mid-credit scenes . Pretty awesome if Bvs had an end-credits scene in which they show Darkseid's face , smiling like Thanos .



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