ByRayyan Ikram, writer at

BvS will be a movie that will rock the cinemas . Yes , totally rock !! We have the two biggest heroes fighting each other and saving the world from a big threat . But there are more characters which we are forgetting .


Yes , the armoured superhero . We were told that Cyborg will have an appearance in BvS . DC have hid lots of things from us , maybe even the fact that we will see him all suited up in the movie ??


While we were still thinking about his appearance , turns out that the actor himself gave us valuable info , stating that his suit will be post-apocalyptic . LOL , but that could mean that the movie will give him a bigger role . Who knows , DC are just trying to make more hype by not telling us , but we are getting crazy , not hyped .


We were told Jason Momoa will be playing the hero , but only for a short cameo or something , maybe DC are also hiding this fact from us , that he will have a big role in the movie .


We might see Doomsday in the movie as the 'threat' DC mentioned . However , we are not sure wether he will come of if DC is just hiding him .


Should these characters have major roles or not ?


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