ByBaldwin Collins, writer at
Baldwin Collins

i 'am not following the Band wagon that hates this movie, only just disappointed in the film in general, plenty of the negative's came out long before the films release, too much advertising about the Making of the film also contributed to it's doom, if you pardon my pun. However the directing by Josh Trank was good, But the Origin Story was totally wrong for this film, most marvel fans know the legendary Beginning so why change it ?

I was seeing photo's on social media about How cool the costumes look on the actors, nothing in my minds eye looking close to what we see in the marvel comic books of decades ago, even the last two previous installment's got the costumes right. the Reed Richard and Ben grime Growing up to gether as Kids wasn't needed, the special effects was o k

How sue storm got her Accidentual super powers as the invisible woman was lame, the doctor doom character who suppose to be a Legendary Nemesis came in too late in the end, and he doesn't even look like his comic book counter part . Many film goers who don't know the marvel comic book of these characters will probably don't care and still Enjoy this film. I hope the producers twentieth Century Fox will come to their sense's and abandon the planned sequel and give back the rights to marvel so that in the future the fans can get a proper fantastic four origin film.


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