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Suicide Squad is coming out next year .... and we cannot wait !!! It will be explosive and too beast for us to take in . All right , so we know all the characters , like Harley Quinn , Slipknot , Deadshot , Killer Croc , Rick Flagg and Enchantress . We have not heard so much out Enchantress or seen much , but we will get to know sooner . So Amanda Waller will be recruiting these villains so that they perform serious missing for hr and the government in exchange for reduced sentences . The cast and characters are awesome ,but what about Joker ?

What you all think . And what the truth is .

You all think that Joker is a member of the Squad or something like that , but he is not . We know that the Squad is undertaking a seriously dangerous mission ....

How the hell , or maybe who the hell will they be fighting ? Who knows , maybe they are all fighting Joker . Who nows , I have proof too , that Joker is the bad guy in the movie . You see , he is also the the one who makes Harley Quinn go crazy . So yes , he is the bad guy . Well they all are .

How this will work .

Some of you would think that this is a terrible idea , but for those who watched Batman:Assault on Arkham , you know that the idea is pretty awesome . All the squad is fighting the Joker and all and that was pretty awesome . I loved it and this idea is great as the movie would be lame if Joker was with them . P.S , he is not even seen with them at all in the film . You can comment what you feel or answer in the poll .


Should Leto be the villain .


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