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Suicide Squad is coming out next year and it looks amazing !!! We got to see a trailer and it is amazing !! I went crazy seeing the Joker in action and his words .... too good , but not as good as Heath Ledgers , we all know that is incomparable ! However , I have gathered a list of characters we will see in the movie and the plot and all . We all know the basic : Amanda Waller will recruit villains so that they can cover black ops missions and in the movie , they will be fighting the Joker . So he is the antagonist .

  • Harley Quinn : She will be a psychiatrist to Joker and eventually turn crazy at the hands of Joker .
  • Killer Croc : This mutated human who has been turned into a crocodile is a famous Batman villain . He is strong and powerful , like Gorilla Grodd .
  • Slipknot :This guy is a fighter and has weapons assisted with ropes , which means we will see him knocking people down with his ropes .
  • Rick Flagg : This guy deals with weapons and also leads the team according to the comics and he is a hand-to-hand combatant .
  • Deadshot :Played by Will Smith , he is a master assassin and has weapons on his wrist as well . He might be the one leading the team .
  • Captain Boomerang : He is a hand-to-hand fighter and has mastered the art of throwing boomerangs and uses them in combat .
  • El Diablo : This guy is somehow like Scarlet Witch and can conjure things .

Enchantress : We have not been told much about her but she will be a big character .

I did not mention Joker , since he is not part of the Squad . Some people say that we might also see Riddler in the movie but its not been confirmed .


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