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After going through sad movies, motivational movies, awkward family movies, and movies I watch repeatedly, I have now arrived at what movies I find timeless. I had a hard time picking just one, so instead I've chosen three movies that I will pass on to my future children.

Picking these movies (or series of movies) is hard to decide. They're all great movies with great plots and compelling characters. I'm certain I will show my children other movies, but as of right now I can affirmatively come up with three. And not a single one should come as a surprise to anyone that knows me.

1. The Lion King

This is and always will be my favorite Disney movie. I liked this movie so much, that when I was about very little, I decided I was going to be a lion when I grew up. Then I started reading Game of Thrones and that all changed. Now I want to be a wolf when I grow up.

I think we can all agree on how awesome The Lion King is. It has, in my personal opinion, Disney's best songs and scoring. It has some of the best characters, most original comic relief, and the sassiest lion in the business. The voice cast is wonderful, we've got Jeremy Irons, Whoopi Goldberg, and James Earl Jones. What more could you want?

2. Harry Potter

I feel like this one goes without saying because it's the perfect series, both the books and the movies, for children to experience. Just about everyone loves these movies and the books. And we all still love the actors, whether they're still acting or not.

I know I'm not the first (or the last) to say this, but J. K. Rowling has created a world filled with a magic she herself hasn't intended. It is a marvel to see just how many people love this series and is affected by it in such a positive way. And these books and movies were intended for children to enjoy.

If I don't expose my future children to these movies, someone should PCS on me because I will not be fit to be a mother.

3. Star Wars

This one might have to wait a couple years until they're a little older for them to fully appreciate it, but my future children will watch it.

I was introduced to Star Wars, as well as several other movies that I thoroughly enjoy, by my father. Me and my dad geek out together about all sorts of movies and I just feel that Star Wars is one of those series I should pass along to my children the way he did to me. And like my father, I will start them with Episodes IV, V, and VI. I'll suffer through Episodes I, II, and III next. And then (hopefully) enjoy Episodes VII, VIII, and IX with them the same way I will with my dad when they come out.

I will share all of these movies - and many more - with my future children. I'm sure that the list I want to share with them will continue to grow. But for now, these three are at the top of my list. I just really hope that they'll enjoy these movies just as much as I do.


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