ByKeshav Sapru, writer at
Graphics are mediocre, agreed (for 2015). The "advanced" movement could have been done with the WAW engine (check out all the mods). And I was hoping that the the multiplayer system would open up and give us the explosive freedom of DooM (that would work really well with the advanced movement). The campaign has co-op, which is a good step in the right direction. BLOPS 3 is not really ripping off Titanfall or Destiny for that matter. All these futuristic games are ripping off Crysis. The first popular game with exoskeletons (Well, HEV is an exo, but it doesn't have the the badassery that is the nanosuit; you may differ). COD in my opinion needs to keep going into the future,opening up advanced movements for us and it should make the multiplayer open. No locks, no paywalls, no bullshit. The PC version needs to be optimized, real hope for Treyarch here, since they gave some of a damn for PC players needs with their games. But obvioulsy, once modding support and server browsers disappeared (i.e. Activision grabs Treyarch by the balls with one hand, and gave us the finger with the other), my faith in ACTVISION has dwindled, perhaps even Treyarch. But even Treyarch couldn't resist the Big Bad Boss for too long, and they had to tow the line. Forget Infinity Ward, after MW, they sold their souls. Sledgehammer Games didn't have one to begin with; and it looks like the Devil (i.e. ACTIVISION) has now bought Treyarch's soul. As long as Activision keeps snorting money (as it has for the past 12 years), it won't change. It'll keep selling us shit, and we'll keep buying like farmers to fertilize our homes. Plus the pi-pi-pi-ping!, Oh Gawd! The ping. I get that it's a mp beta, and they're not that many players, but 400+ ping in India?! More reason why need browsers now! Good work Activision, The year is 2015, what is happen? Capitalism is happen. Make your peace Treyarch. All your CODS are belong to us. BLOPS 3 has potential, take the mp feedback, fix the multiplayer, give the finger to Activision, and give us a good game Treyarch, or its curtains for you. At least where PC is concerned. I would love to buy BLOPS 3 for the co-op campaign, the "advanced" movement, the zombies CAMPAIGN! Zombies! But yeah, more is needed, sorry, is NECESSARY. Fix mp, then, maybe I'll buy COD. Until Then, KF2 and the rest of my steam library beckons.

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