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If you've been keeping track, it's time to add Tom Hardy to the list of celebrities doing awesome things, as the Mad Max star took his adorable rescue pup to the premiere of new film Legend.

A stunning, talented, and bearded dude in a suit, with a dog. What more could you ask for?

via HuffPost
via HuffPost

It's no secret that the actor is a dog person, and he has often spoken about his love for man's best friend in past interviews.

"I’m an absolute sucker for dogs, and I normally find a dog on every film I do. They always end up in the house somehow, even if I have to take it from someone’s car. I’ve got no scruples. There’s always a way for a stray." -Speaking to Refinery 29
"I wouldn’t go to [acting] class unless Max was allowed in. Max was my support unit, it’s like I had a focus; I had an identity and higher self-esteem because something relied on me and loved me constantly." - speaking to Dogs Today

With Max
With Max
"I’ll always find one. On every job we go on, I’ll either find someone’s dog and look after it, or I’ll take my own dog, or I find a dog and we home it. We have two now at home. Can’t have any more for the moment. And actually, they’re a handful, two. But I love dogs. Like, A LOT. They’re my favorite animal. Ever." - speaking to Vulture

This isn't even the first time that he has been snapped on the red carpet with a four-legged friend. At the premiere of The Drop last year, he carried pit bull co-star Zora with him.

With Zora at The Drop premiere
With Zora at The Drop premiere

These aren't just publicity stunts to make ovaries explode the world over, though. Hardy is a big campaigner for animals, and encourages fans to rescue a dog in need when looking for a canine companion.

While promoting The Drop, he spoke about one of the most controversial breeds of the moment: pit bulls like Zora. Bully breeds are the victims of an incredibly bad rep, despite their intelligence and loving natures, and are the current target of breed-specific legislation campaigns. Hardy reminded fans that pitbulls have long been well-regarded as family and working dogs, and that their bad reputation is a very recent concept.

"Did you know that the pit bull’s the highest-decorated military dog? It’s true, because of their loyalty, and its sensitivity. They would run through artillery fire and bring ammo. And they used to be called the nanny dog, as well, and it was the favorite American dog for many, many years. They’d leave the baby on the porch with the dog. Go online and look it up! You’ll see all these pit bulls with babies."

He also posed with Woody, the lab mix who came to the Legend premiere, for a PETA campaign encouraging adoption.

It's wonderful to see a star who is such an animal lover, and while some people may see this as just an adorable photo-op, I'm sure that many more will see Woody as an example of just how wonderful a rescue dog can be. Perhaps Hardy can take credit for helping a few more abandoned dogs find their forever home...

via EW
via EW

If you are looking to adopt a dog, here are some useful websites. You can also find local shelters and breed-specific rescues locally through Google:


The SPCA (Canada)


Humane Society: Adopt, Don't Shop


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