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I enjoyed Until Dawn, although I must admit I am a horror fan and so may have a soft spot for the genre. It’s easy to say that Until Dawn has cliché horror moments but when you are put into these moments first hand it can still be tense and lead to scares.

The characters while dumb are also loveable which invested me into the games story. If you cannot connect to even one of these eight characters then you will struggle to get into Until Dawn. I will say that if you stick with the games story you will see the character grow in various ways both for better and worse but this added more layers to the characters making them more relatable.

The gameplay is lacking in some areas but given what the game is trying to do, as in be an interactive story, I can understand why. The motion controls work well for the most part. I just wish you could move faster in the exploration sections.

The presentation for the game helps draw players into this horror world even more! It has atmosphere in its locations and especially its sound design. If you are a fan of the horror genre or enjoyed what Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls did then you will find something for you with Until Dawn. Even if you enjoyed Tale tale games like the Walking Dead then you will still find something to enjoy with this title. For me, even though some areas were predictable, I still had a blast with full of mixed emotions. Which makes Until Dawn special. It may not be a masterpiece but it does give us a excellent horror experience with plenty of nods to the horror movies we have seen throughout the years.

If you are at all interested in seeing what the game is like head on over to our let’s play of the game. See the bad choices we made and if we were able to get any of our young friends out alive. You can click on the link down below.


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