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Metal Gear Solid V : The Phantom Pain is an epic game! Its size in both gameplay and story make it a fitting swan song for Kojima. The story, while oddly paced at times, fills in gaps in the metal gear series that needed filling. It almost answers all questions left open by the other games. Snake was a badass as always although he does seem a lot more jaded from the Snake we first met in Snake Eater.

The gameplay is the best aspect of MGS5 TPP, with smooth controls that allow for freedom of infiltration. Take on missions how you see fit and that means it can appeal to many playstyles. From the MGS purists to GTA players you will be able to enjoy the gameplay aspects of the game.

The presentiaion is a work of art but this is because it is combined with the intelligent story and supurb gameplay. It could be describe as the perfect iceing on a delicious cake.

I must admit I though I had finished the game at one point but was completely wrong. MGS5 TPP is a game that keeps on giving. When you think you are done it will give you more to play with or more story to tell.

What Kojmia and his team have given us is a masterpiece of stealth action gaming. He also gave us a story that kept me guessing to the end and for that I thank him and the others involved. I believe that this may be the end for the Metal Gear series as a result of recent Konami activities but if it is then Metal Gear has gone out on a high note!


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