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Dan King

Ok, so here's what's bugging me: it seems like every time I go on facebook or twitter people are sharing articles with catchy titles like "This Avenger will die in Age of Ultron", or "Wait... the new Joker is actually going to be HIM?!?", or "Star Wars villain to have THIS backstory", etc., etc.

Then when we click on these articles it turns out that they're just a mix of speculation or fan theories with absolutely zero credibility from the studios or ANYONE involved in the production, even though we've just been told from the title that it's actually going to happen in the movie/TV show.

Did Captain America die in Age of Ultron? NO! Will he die in Captain America: Civil War? Who knows, but probably not because the more Captain America movies, the more money the Disney/Marvel machine brings in. Nevertheless, it may still happen, and the Jared Leto Joker may still turn out to be Jason Todd (but I don't believe that because in the trailer for Suicide Squad it sure looked like we'll be getting flashback scenes of him and Harley, and I' pretty sure Harley wouldn't have the hots for Jason like she would the real Mr. J).

Similarly I keep seeing a load of nonsense about Star Wars that look like they're actually articles, then turn out to be a load of old rubbish.

I always remember back in 2007, there was a site I found that had "Doctor Who Spoilers" and gave quite detailed plots for episodes of the next series of Doctor Who, mostly based on leaked set photos and people seeing them film. Resultantly, all the summaries were completely and utterly wrong, and I kinda felt like an idiot for believing them.

That's why I'm saying to people on sites like CinemaBlend, and all my fellow MoviePilot Creators out there: Please stop clickbaiting us with fan theories that aren't confirmed yet!

Just because you want a movie or TV show to come out a certain way doesn't mean it will. I wrote a 32,000 word entire plot for how I would write Batman vs Superman, but Warner Brothers ignored it, just like they all will for everything else that you guys come up with, unless there actually are some great ideas they want to nab, but that won't happen if the film has already wrapped production, so please just stop this madness, before the penguins come and suck out all of our brains!


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