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Marvel TV seems to be doing a really good job, especially in the Netflix aspect. They also seem to be doing alright in Network Television. ABC's Agent Carter is a good show. Agents of SHIELD, while underrated, is also a good show (as long as you skip the first 10 episodes). Now, Marvel TV is getting into the sitcom game. With Marvel's Damage control underway, as well as an unnamed project, one stops and thinks what else Marvel can do.

Sitcoms have been very important throughout the evolution of television, and are decreasing in popularity nowadays. Marvel has given us many TV Dramas, and now it's giving us sitcoms set in one of our favorite Cinematic Universes. I listed out some ideas, trying to put at most one from a few different sitcom subgenres.

Workplace Sitcom: Stark Industries

While Marvel's Damage control may be a workplace sitcom, it seems to be more hands-on in nature, more blue collar. And of course that is awesome, and will be hilarious, one wonders about the life of Office Workers in And while DC may have beaten Marvel to making a workplace sitcom, Marvel TV has something that DC TV doesn't, a connection to the movies (unless the DC TV multiverse connects to the movies).

Either way, Stark Industries is something that shows up all over the MCU, but something we know barely about. We don't know anything about employee life at Stark Industries. This show can also explore the career of those who belong to a certain profession that barely shows up in any TV show: Engineering.

I mean seriously, Doctors have their own shows, Lawyers have their shows, why don't Engineers?

Either way, the show revolves around a bunch of Engineers working at Stark Industries, who work, fall in love, hate each other, and are based on comic book characters that never made more than 50 appearances.

Hang-out Sitcom: Fantastic Four

Yup, that's right. There have been Four attempts at making a good Fantastic Four movie. None of them were Fantastic. It is inevitable that Marvel regains its rights to the Fantastic Four, but even then, who knows how long it will take them for a new movie? The solution is simple. Let the fans get used to the characters before their powers, as a bunch of friends in a friends/How-I-Met-Your-Mother/Seinfeld style sitcom. Reed and Sue would be the "Ross and Rachel" of the show. Johnny would be the Barney/Joey. Ben Grimm and Alicia Masters could even have their romance, considering that no one has powers yet. The show can run until the audience is ready for another movie.

Domestic Sitcom:

Of all the Marvel families that can make a Malcolm-in-the-Middle or Everybody-Loves-Raymond or Arrested-Development kind of show, I can't think of any right now. Please comment ideas.

So that's pretty much 3 ideas.


Which one of these would make a good MCU sitcom


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