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James Carnuccio

So as promised by Stephen Amell, the Arrow season 4 trailer has dropped. Here is what was in the trailer.

Oliver is happy with Felicity living a normal life. From the end of season 3 we can assume they are living in Coast City.

Their house which they are living in. Green house, green jacket...a lot of green in this photo. Not a surprise.

Olicity!!!! No more needs to be said.

The city has been renamed Star City which was always Ray's plan. He had always wanted to rename the city (he said it last season). Everyone also still assumes he died. He is probably just really really small at the moment, running around trying to find out how to grow back to normal size.

Constantine!!!! This also tells us that the footage from the trailer is taken from at least the first five episodes as John Constantine turns up in episode 5.

Felicity's new assistant (who will eventually become Mr Terrific). Remember she now owns the company. She is probably the one who has funded the new Arrowcave.

Damien Dark in action.

Oliver and Diggle fighting along side one another once again. This time in their new costumes.

The White Canary is born... I mean brought back from the dead... whatever you want to call it. Yay Caity Lotz is back.

The new logo.

It wouldn't be an Arrow trailer without Felicity kicking some serious ass.

And there you have it ladies and gentleman. The new Arrow season 4 trailer. Leave your thoughts in the comments section below. Here is the new trailer:


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