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Okay people ! The last couple of days we got a lot of teases for Arrow Season 4, and as promised, Stephen Amell unveiled on his Facebook page our very first look at next season !

I am going to do a little analysis of what we learned from this footage !

Happy Oliver

Oliver is as we left him last season, happy. He and Felicity seem to finally living happily together. After three testing years, Oliver seems to have finally reach peace without the Arrow and the problem of Starling City. Obviously, this won't last for long.

Ray Palmer Is Dead

As expected, after the explosion of Palmer Technologies, Ray is dead for everyone. What's interesting is that Starling City has been renamed in memory of the vision he had for the city. Of course, we know this is not true and that Ray is out there, just very little.

Thus, we may wonder, how Ray's gonna come back in our world ? There is still a lot of interrogation about it. All we know so far is that Felicity will be very much involved in this storyline.

The Guardian

I know a lot of people were worried about Diggle's helmet. It looks like a weird adaptation of Magneto's helmet. But, after seeing it in the trailer it's not that bad. I'm sure we'll get used to it after a couple of episodes. And who knows, we might see him embrace his superhero persona down the road.

Team Arrow In Danger

Looks like Team Arrow is in a bad shape when Season 4 kicks-off. We know that Oliver will have to resume his vigilante activities after an event really traumatising for the show. We still don't know what it is, but it will have to be enough important for him to reprise his activities

Flashbacks Storyline

If you looked well, we got a little bit of insight about the flashbacks storyline for season 4. It looks like the hood began his activities way before returning to Starling City. I think that Oliver will try to redeem himself for what he has done by becoming a kind of vigilante in Coast City. I guess this won't work very well for him and his actions won't stay unnoticed as we'll see the return of Amanda Waller.


Looks like Michael Holt's gonna share a lot of scenes with Felicity. As the new CEO of Palmer Tech, Felicity will need new employees and Holt will be one of them. We even got our first glimpse at the T-Spheres, a very important gadget for Mr.Terrific.

Damian Darhk

Here he is ! Damian Darhk is coming to Star City and not only with good intentions. As the producers said, Darhk is pure evil. He doesn't care about the casualties, the people who get hurts on the way. He has an agenda and will do anything to fulfill it. And it looks like, creating chaos is part of it.

Damian Darhk seems to have an interest in Star City. Thus, Oliver's return will probably be linked with the event provoked by Darhk. We don't know quite yet what his master plan is but I feel like we'll learn everything about it pretty quickly.

Lazarus Pit Effects

Thea has been healed by the Lazarus Pit after a dying injury caused by Ra's-Al-Ghul himself. We see that the effect of her dive into the pit will start to kick-off. It's going to be a lot to go through for her. In this image she looks like she's losing it. Ultimately, I hope this storyline will end with Thea growing even more as a character.

John Constantine

John Constantine is back ! His apparition is something I'm really looking forward after everything that happened with the show. The occult detective will be part of the fifth episode of the season and will play a capital role in the resurrection of a beloved character...

Sara Lance

We already know, like Ray, that Sara will be back, being part of the upcoming DC's Legends Of Tomorrow. However, there is still a lot of interrogation about her return. We still don't have a clue about the whys and wherefores of her return.

In the video, Nyssa seems against it. But now I'm starting to wonder: if Sara knew an information so important that it required her to be brought back from the dead. I mean, I don't think we know everything about what she was doing in Starling City in Season 3.

You can check the entire video below:

Hope you liked my article ! I surely forgot a couple of things in this trailer. Feel free to talk about it below !

Arrow Season 4 returns October 7th on the CW !


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