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When I first watched this movie I had never heard of the Jetsons. But now that I do and I look back at this movie, there are some very obvious similarities between them.

We start off with Lewis who is quite smart but is an orphan. However, he goes to a science competition with an invention he made which is sort of like a time machine or something. And then there was like this Bowler Hat Guy who tries to steal the machine and it appears he's from the future. Enter Wilbur, now at first as a kid watching this I wasn't sure if Wilbur was Lewis' son, and now that I look back at it it was quite obvious, I mean just the way he pushes Lewis to chase after the Bowler Hat Guy and not give up his dream.

So they go into the future since the Bowler Hat Guy went to the future as well but then, Wilbur decides to introduce him to the family. And I must admit the house was very interesting and the family was also very mysterious and intriguing. Now the first similarity was that the space ship was very similar and that the future was especially very much what Jetsons had introduced. Also I loved the frogs, I mean singing frogs, come on, seriously who doesn't love singing frogs man? Anyway, we soon find out that this is Lewis' big future(yeah, big shock) and has a lot of quotable stuff that I really love, and that he just needs to put faith into himself and that to move forward is the only way to go.

We also find out that the Bowler Hat Guy was his orphanage roommate, Goop(What kind of name is Goop?), and seriously he's like the kid who would get picked on every time. But we find out that Lewis' invention kept Goop up all night and Goop couldn't get enough sleep and that he had an important baseball game the next day. And every decision Goop made since then was a revenge against Lewis. So yeap this is the classic revenge story and I must admit the Bowler Hat invention was pretty smart, just steal that and make it his own and sell it. But no, he just wants to destroy everything good that happened to Lewis just like Lewis did to him back in the day. So, we find out that Bowler Hat Guy is really a sad guy who regrets doing all of his revenge acts because he just wanted a family but no one wanted to adopt him since he was that angry angsty person.

And in the end Lewis understands what he needs to do and thus, goes back into the past to see his own mum, but then afterwards is disturbed by the Bowler Hat Guy, and decides to fight him. After that he learns that he needs to make things right with Goop and does just that and then he gets his life straight as well. Coming together with the instances that he will never see his own mother and that he needs to move forward in his life.

And that message implied was really good and needed for kids these days especially, But for what it's worth I still enjoy this movie for its whackiness and overall comedic fun.

the cover of the robinsons
the cover of the robinsons

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