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In what may be one of the smoothest manners to divulge movie secrets ever, it seems as though Hannibal's Mads Mikkelsen might have just given us our very first peek at his role in Rogue One.

This week's FanExpo Canada kicked off with a bang today, and a lucky fan reportedly asked the star for the name of his character in the upcoming Star Wars Story. Check it out:

While anyone can claim anything on Twitter, this particular fan doesn't seem to be lying at all about the situation.

The name Galen, for die-hard Star Wars fans, harkens back to a classic Legends character named Galen Marek who originally served as Darth Vader's apprentice -- and the main character -- in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. The name reference wouldn't be a surprise, especially because a similar reference is being made in The Force Awakens already. While the Starkiller base is more likely a reference to Luke Skywalker's original last name, it was also Marek's codename in the video games.

It would be a stretch to assume that Mikkelsen is actually playing Galen Marek, but the name could certainly be a nod to the character in some way.

Looks like the mystery box isn't as tightly locked around Rogue One's pre-production as it was with The Force Awakens, after all.


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