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I'm a Mutant, a Wizard and a Tribute. Hopefully one day, I can meet all the awesome people here!!
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The Hunger Games trilogy was not popular when it was first released, however when it was given exceptional reviews and was soon to become a new movie franchise, then the new Fandom and Franchise was born!

Breaking free of oppression
Breaking free of oppression

Now Katniss is the heroin of the most relatable story for young teen girls when it comes to withstanding the pressure of the elite and love triangles. When she volunteered as tribute, that, was the true start to the games.

Through out this trilogy we have seen the evolution of not only 'fictional characters' but of movie creation, and the impact of book/movie series on an international scale!

On November 20th, the final movie of this well recognised franchise will be released to the world. Even though it will be the 'official' end of this unique and inspirational trilogy, I believe it will remain one of the most famous, placed along side Harry Potter, Lord Of The Rings and Narnia (I know they are series, but THG will be the first TRILOGY!!). No matter what critics say, our Fandom has expanded, from being just a hand full of berries, to the most influential international trilogy. In countries where people are oppressed to the fringes of wealth, this Trilogy has enabled hope and rights to freedom being ignited in the hearts of nations.

In truth, I hope that we will still get more merchandise from this trilogy (I wouldn't mind having the book Peter&Katniss created to remember fellow tributes) and hopefully we can also have two more sub movies as we see their children growing up (and if they have more ;) )

So all in all, we will all be waiting for the most anticipated movie of 2015, and even after the pages turn yellow with the ink barely visible, and the DVD is a distant memory, this will always remain the most remembered trilogy we have ever witnessed.

Our Fandom; "Today, Tomorrow, For Ever"
Our Fandom; "Today, Tomorrow, For Ever"

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