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First off, have you seen it? No? Well, here it is!

This trailer was pretty good and we got just the right amount of footage and information. I didn't want too much spoiled and that's what we got. This footage is probably from like the first two or three episodes, so we are being introduced to the new season. Let's breakdown and speculate!

The Arrow is Dead

Oliver and Felicity are living like a normal couple in Coast City. Hopefully we will get some easter eggs at least of Green Lantern, please! Oliver says the Arrow is dead, but apparently he's not the only one who's dead.

Dr. Ray Palmer is "dead" and Star City

We all know Ray Palmer is actually not dead, it's just like the Arrow and Roy Harper how the citizens think he is dead. Ray will be on Legends of Tommorow obviously as the now, shrinking Atom along with the other characters. We all knew that Starling City was changed to Star City a while ago but never knew why and now we do. It's in memory for someone who's not really dead.

Team Arrow back at Star City

First off, we get to see Diggle's new suit is pretty cool, putting the Magneto jokes aside. We get to see Diggle, Laurel, and Thea fighting crime. It's pretty clear the Arrow is needed, along with Felicity behind the scenes.

We Need the Arrow

They need to defeat a bigger threat, team Arrow is not complete without the Arrow, or even Felicity. The problem is, the Arrow is dead. Now, there is only Green Arrow. This is probably my favorite suit so far but this hopefully will not be the 'Green Arrow' official suit, but it's good for now.


I never watched the show but I guess it was for a good reason because it only lasted one season. He seems like a pretty cool character and I probably will watch it before he appears in Arrow because I know when the show was running, DC and the CW said Constantine wasn't connected. It's pretty cool now that Constantine is now with Arrow so we can expand the universe. If he becomes a side character that appears every few episodes, all the Constantine fans will watch Arrow.

Malcolm Merlyn is Rah's a Ghul

We see some scenes with Merlyn and Nyssa. I'm not exactly sure what this means but I hope they aren't going to focus on this. If we get this every episode, it's going to feel like season 3.5, the show is supposed to be moving in a new direction. I did definitely want them to appear, let's see where they take them.

Mr. Terrific

Oliver and Felicity go back to Star City, probably in the first 5 episodes. I'm not sure or not if Team Arrow will know if Ray is alive, but, either way, they will look through the contracts and see Ray Palmer signed the company over to Felicity before he 'died' in the finale. Felicity will have her new assistant that will turn out to be Mr. Terrific, who will come into play.

I'm Damien Darhk!

Like I said in my article about what to expect from Season 4, I wasn't this excited for Darhk. This trailer raised my expectations. He's a villain who thinks he's doing right, and those are my favorite villains. He wants the city to die and he represents 'order'. I can see this guy being Felicity's dad.

Sara Returns... Again

Third time's a charm?! Right? I really don't like it when characters come back from the dead. Technically, she didn't die the first time, but now we have a pit where people can come back to life... come on!?! We're going to have to see what they do with this because I don't know why besides Legends of Tomorrow of why Sara is back.


What's the best part of the new trailer?

Arrow Returns October 7th, 2015.

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What is this?! Tell me below!

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