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Potter fans! A new fan film takes an interesting approach and explores the darker side of the Wizarding World. Sanctum takes place in a time before Lord Voldemort and is currently being funded on kickstarter, directed by Los Angeles based Independent filmmaker Alex Orea.

Check out the ominous teaser trailer for Sanctum below:

The official synopsis of the film:

In a time before Lord Voldemort, Lucius, an apprentice to the powerful queen of darkness, Zabravia, is ordered to capture and execute his brother Elias in a pitiful attempt to redeem himself for living in his brother’s shadow all his life and become king of Dominia. Meaningless as to where he stands between light and darkness, Lucius is faced with the challenge and must choose who his loyalty lies with.

The Characters

Nicholas McLeod - Lucius

A failure all his life, Lucius was never able to live up to the expectations of his father. He was always living in the shadow of his younger brother Elias, constantly struggling, meaningless as to where he stands between light and darkness.

Tory Taranova - Zabravia

Zabravia is a manipulative, sinister witch, drunk with power; but underneath she has a deep inner struggle with her past stemming from a broken heart caused by Lucius's father. She has become detached and cruel, tormenting others only to hide the bloody wounds within.

I so much enjoyed playing Zabravia, queen of darkness! A personal big fan of the harry potter series and the world of fantasy. check out more screenshots from the film on my facebook!

Jeremy Gladen - Elias

Elias is sharp, bold and determined. Even connected by blood, Lucius was indifferent, causing Elias to resent himself. After the death of his parents, Elias swore to put an end to the darkness that has consumed his brother and bring peace to his blood that once lived.

Sanctum presents to us an intriguing story with new characters and gives all the Harry Potter fans something to look forward to. The supporters of Nerd Rage News caught up with director Alex Orea and did an insightful interview which you can check out here!

We would like to welcome you all to be a part of this project that not only means a lot to us, but to the world wide Harry Potter fan base! We look forward to sharing the completed film with you!

What do you think, Potter fans? Are you excited about Sanctum?

Sanctum will be available to view for free on Vimeo in January, 2016!


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