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Finally, after months of waiting it has arrived, the Arrow Season 4 trailer. I shall both show and tell you all the things I noticed so, let's begin.

Oliver starts of away from Star City, he's happy, and apparently likes going for early morning jogs around the block. Although he hasn't given up the life of green clothes and hoods, because, as you can see, he is wearing a green hoodie. Not a very interesting scene but it's right at the start of the trailer so I thought I'd start with it. Also he now lives with felicity. .


From here on in they are not in any order but only because I forgot what order they actually go in.

Hell Yeah, it's fan favourite John Constantine who will be appearing in episode 5. They have still made him a chainsmoker though, which makes me happy.


The photo itself is self explanatory really. Startling city has been renamed Star City, the proper name from the comics. It has apparently been changed in loving memory of Dr. Raymond Palmer, 1981-2015.


Thea 'Speedy' Queen is still in costume, still kicking ass and as it seems getting her ass kicked as well. I'm sure she can easily get out of it though, what has a henchman ever done that's even a little bit life threatening to the hero.


Yet another female lead has a gun held to their head, but this one has a rather disturbed face. It doesn't appear that the black canary will have any costume changes.


Speaking of costume changes, here it is, in all its glory, the green arrow suit in action. It's perfect for any vigilante that likes shooting people with arrows and leaping off tall buildings. I am a huge fan of Oliver's new suit, why he changed- no clue whatsoever- but still awesome nonetheless.


(Clap, Clap,Clap, Clap) Here is, the big bad, the mean menace, the evil guy..... Damien Darhk! Looking rather evil if I my say so myself. Seen doing business with a young man going by the name of Anarky.


Season 1:

Season 2:

Season 3:

And finally Season 4:

Which to me, is the best.

And there you have it a quick rundown of the arrow season 4 trailer. Sorry it wasn't very detailed I didn't have a lot of time.


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