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Hi I'm Jennie, I'm a 28 year old mum from Rotherham. I first got into painting and such likes back in 2012 when it was my son's 1st birthday party, I thought I'd crack the facepaints out and entertain the children myself, little did I know that id take my my village by storm. When children and parents saw my work they soon wanted me to come to there children's parties and even just paint their children in spare time, I have done this for free as I want to build a portfolio of work and clientele. Iv always used Google images for inspiration and that's when I came across gory pictures for Halloween. That's when my path changed slightly, I was hooked, just saving all the pictures in my view, not scared to try anything. I'd already had a sfx starter kit that consisted of just wax and stage blood. I put the images of my finished creation on facebook not saying anything and people thought I'd really sliced my finger or that someone really had gashed her knee, I loved the response, but it wasn't enough, I wanted bigger and better. I opened up a page on facebook to gain support from my friends to See all the work I do. I kept it very real by stating that something might not have worked out and that it was a first time at doing a particular look, I think that's what keeps people engaged the fact I don't have top quality photo shoots, I'm just me, I love creating horror images, the more gruesome the better. I'm at college this year studying media makeup so all I can say is watch this space, I dream BIG. Please follow me on facebook here


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