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For many of us movies can serve as means to keep us going when the going get's tough. Life isn't always easy, and sometimes, we need a fantasy to kickstart our own reality. I believe this is one of movies' greatest abilities; making reality out of fantasy. With that said, a movie that I find incredibly motivational is Kill Bill: Volume 1. There is something about revenge that just get's me moving.

I'm sure I don't have to explain my love for everything Tarantino does, but Kill Bill is one of my favorite (if not my favorite, depending on what day you ask) films of his. Although revenge might seem like a bit of a dark reason to be motivated, you have to respect the lengths The Bride goes to in order to exact her revenge. She get's buried alive, shot with a shotgun, kills over a hundred people, convinces a retired swordsmith make her a new sword, hunts down an entire gang of trained assassins, kills each one of them, and finally get's the big man himself, Bill. If that doesn't motivate you to perform the mundane tasks in your everyday life, you're not living. I get pumped up just thinking about how badass Beatrix Kiddo is. Watching her slice her way through her enemies, motivated by pure hatred, motivates me to work through my day.

Having seen Kill Bill countless times, I can honestly say that each time has helped get me off of my ass and inspired me to get moving. Regardless of the violence and character motivations, this film will and does inspire me to finish what I have to do and start what I need to begin. There's nothing more that you can ask for in a motivational movie! Thanks for reading guys!


Who made Beatrix Kiddo's sword?


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