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I am an aspiring fx artist that loves to Cosplay as a zombie character .. give me a character and I will zombiefy them..
Carnation Flower

I've always loved zombie movies, especially the old George Romero zombies.. the slow cheesy ones where no matter how fast you ran they would catch you, even when they were walking at a very slow pace. ( not a big fan of the fast zombies) just my opinion. Now my passion for zombie makeup and Cosplay hit me only a few years ago.

Now some may say.. I am a big kid at heart, either that or I am borderline nutso.. is that a word anymore? Screw it I am bringing it back.

A tad about me and then to my most favorite subject Zombie makeup.

Let's see.. 40, married, home , 2 dogs no children. Now to the interesting part (sorry it took so long to get here)

One Halloween a few years ago I wanted to try using a store bought prosthetic for my zombie costume. Now as some of you may know it was NOT as easy to apply as it reads on the back of the box.. and the results were NOT what I expected and looked NOTHING like the picture on the front but either way it was my first attempt.

So... pushing 40 with no training I thought well I will check out YouTube to see if there was another way to apply a store bought prosthetic. Now if I may just for a second say this..The young people today have SO many outlets for information these days, with the current and growing technology we have at our finger tips. Kind of sad though they will never know what it was like to search for information from a book or have to go to a library to find information on a subject or hobby..SMH

OK OK old person moment passed. He He he.

Anyway I searched zombie makeup and I was so amazed at what I found, regular people like me doing makeups that looked real and not pasted on cheesy.

I thought I could do that.. the more I practiced on myself the better I felt about abilities.

Then one day I went to comic con .. that day I saw only one or two zombies.. at that moment I decided I would return the next year as a zombie lady. I would go to any event I could dress up and become a zombie Lady, The rest as they say is history.

So today I make my own prosthetics, my own body parts and props, and no it does not get easier it gets more and more challenging and yes costly.

But worth it.

I may not be a famous zombie Cosplayer (yet) or a famous fx makeup artist but I know I can make children and adults look away in disgust when my eye-ball is hanging from an empty socket I made from an old pair of black knee highs , latex and toilet paper.

All it takes is the courage to try. No matter how old or how young you are. Hell I'm still trying to figure out WHAT I want to be when I grow up.. so do YOU and be true.. I hope to see you all at a function one day..

One last thing before I go I want you to know that all the hard work and costs pay off when I hear

There she is!! There's that zombie lady!! And they are pointing and talking about me.

Thank you

From the Woodbridge Zombie Lady!!


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