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We the hosts of 365FlicksPodcast were invited to attend the Showmasters Film And Comic Con this year "whooohooo". This being our first time at such event we took the opportunity to really soak everything in and report back on our new Episode.

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365Flicks Ep 017 Glasgow Film And Comic Con: News/ Glasgow Comic Con/ Top5 Brit Comedy Moments

The first thing that hit us was the sheer effort and talent of the Cos-Players in Scotland's capital... I dunno what i was expecting from them but they turned up in there droves and looked amazing.

The talent Showmasters had booked for this event was top notch with acting greats like Micheal Biehn and Freddy himself Robert Englund. They had Wrestling greats like Hacksaw Jim Duggan and the Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase. Representing the Scottish wrestling talent was Glasgow's own Grado "It's Yer Sell" and Voam Barr. These were to name a few, there were many many others.

Wrestling Selfie... Better than Ellen's Oscar Selfie
Wrestling Selfie... Better than Ellen's Oscar Selfie

Highlight for us as a Podcast was meeting David "Darth Vader" Prowse and Game Of Thrones star Daniel "Podrick" Portman (got a couple autographs from these dudes).


We even managed to use our charm with a couple Independent Comic Book Publishers and bag some review copies of there work to do a full review on our next episode, we did a short one on this episode though. Thank you Black Hearted Press.

In conclusion it was a fantastic weekend, Chris and myself hope to attend another soon enough and Episode 17 is choc full of what we got up to. So do us a favor and have a listen. The Con talk is around the 43 minute mark but you may as-well listen to the whole thing because our Top 5 Brit comedy Moments is amazing.

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