ByRayyan Ikram, writer at

Captain America : Civil War is coming out next year . We get to know about knew characters every day . The cast is getting bigger and bigger . We will also get to see Cap and Bucky become friends again , and Black Widow betraying cap . However , we got to know that General Ross , or acc. to the comics , RED HULK , will also be part of the film . Well , the actor , William Hurt said that we will get to see a "different side of the character" in the movie , which means he will go Red in the movie . We have heard some rumours about him being Red Hulk in Civil War , but they might not be true . Its a 50-50 situation here , Marvel might just show him in the end-credits scene .


We do not know ether or not he can show up , but General Ross will make an appearance , who knows , Marvel already have put a million villians in Civil War so another one is not too hard to add . After all , he is a vital character in the comics ....


Interesting , maybe one man has the capability to do stuff like this in the MCU , Iron Man , he created ultra , nearly destroyed the world , etc. ....... Who knows , maybe he will also create RED HULK !!! That ow;d be pretty awesome , right , what if we see Ross go full Red in the movie , because of Iron Man , and then fight the Avengers because of him , and Hulk will be the only one capable to defeat him .



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