ByJoe Michael, writer at

Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi aired on Cartoon Network from November 19, 2004 until June 27, 2006. The show ran for only three seasons, with 39 episodes (however, we only got to see 34 of them). Here is why I think this show should get a movie someday.

1. To replace the last five episodes that never aired

Given the fact that the show was unexpectedly cancelled during the show's third season, this $30 million budget film plan can take care of that. Reruns for Japan, a movie for the United States, fair?

2. Puffy AmiYumi can serve ad movie stars

I'm sure they did other media like this. But this Japanese music duo could be known across the globe for movies like this. Hey, they're already known for their music...

3. The music was awesome

We know that Puffy AmiYumi is commonly known for their music, they can blend in music from the show as well as after.

4. The characters were well thought out

From personality to voice, the show was based off Ami Onuki and Yumi Yoshimura, the people who make up the music duo. I figure the voices would be done by different people who can act similarly to the show.


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