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I have been reading comics since before I could read. When I learned how to read, they became significantly better.
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I’ve been thinking about writing this one for a while now, but one particular picture set me off to write it. The picture features images of the Joker, the Penguin (from Gotham) and Superman. The text, including spelling mistakes, reads as follows: “For the last f**king time: Penquin is not the f**king Joker. The Joker is not Jason f**king Todd and sucks d**k. *drops mic*”

What appalled me about this was not only the merciless attacking of both a site and theories, but the fact that this was posted on two of the main DC Cinematic Universe pages on Facebook that anyone goes on. It sounds like a sad troll, but no, these were posted on pages that many DC fans go on for DC news. I’m not here to hate on those that hate on Moviepilot. I’m here to address the nonsense reasons why those that hate it do so and hopefully inform those that don’t know the facts before hating. Here we go:

Moviepilot Doesn’t Write Bad Pieces

Moviepilot isn’t just a team of writers. Anyone can join for free easily and put up a piece. That leads to some bad writers coming through, but they’re generally not promoted via Facebook, so I don’t know how people find these pieces if not for actually looking on the site.

Moviepilot Isn’t All Clickbait

Again, there are some writers that write clickbait on the site, but they’re not the majority. The sad truth is that people don’t react anymore to writing unless it’s clickbait, but Moviepilot finds a way around it. If an article shows promise, the Moviepilot changes the title to add more mystery to the piece, thus attracting people to the piece, but it’s hardly clickbait. In the end, the piece does what the title suggests it will do.

The Moviepilot Facebook Page Doesn’t Only Post Sensationalism

I really don’t understand where this complaint comes from. The Facebook page shares a variety of pieces. They share news pieces, theories and interest pieces, among others. They usually share pieces with good writing and usually with good content. If you find yourself not liking a particular type of piece or writer when a piece is posted, then stay away from that writer or type of piece. Usually the Facebook page gives you a good indication of what will be contained in the piece

Moviepilot Isn’t Where Bad Fan Theories Come From

What makes a theory bad? A theory is a theory. People complain that it won’t be like the comics. Does that mean that they WANT the EXACT SAME material transferred directly to screen? That’s just boring. I remember there was a fan theory going around on Moviepilot that Vision would have an Infinity Stone in his head. That actually came to pass, even though it seemed ludicrous. I myself wrote a piece about Civil War sides. My picks were almost on the money, except for a few exceptions. One was Ant-Man, which I changed upon seeing the film. Another was War Machine, who I was hoping would surprise and change sides. Finally, I pinned Black Panther as a neutral who would (if at all) fall on Captain America’s side. The teams were pretty much that, and there’s still a chance that Black Panther and War Machine could end up on Cap’s side, while Ant Man could end up on Iron Man’s side. The funny thing is, people mentioned how I’d put too many characters on Iron Man’s team (which people are complaining about in the official lineup) and that Black Widow would be on Captain America’s side (which she ended up not being). The thing is, it’s a theory. It’s for fun. It may be right and it may be wrong, but it’s for fun. Also, concerning those “bad” theories, they didn’t originate on Moviepilot. They originated on Reddit. They can be found here:

and here:

Basically, what I’m trying to say is: don’t attack the site just because you don’t like some people that write for it. I’m sure you’ll find some good content somewhere on the site. If you really want to express your own opinion, maybe you’d like to join. Those of you that can comment on articles have already made an account, usually without realising, since it immediately links to Facebook. So join us as creators and express your opinion with us!


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