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Shannon McShortall

So, I was looking through the Civil War lineups a little while ago and I noticed something which might give us a clue as to where a certain character will fall.

The lineups were announced about a week ago and everyone went into speculating about them, but nobody seemed to pick up on something in particular, a hint at another character, possibly Spider Man.

Did you see it? Here's the Captain America one again.

Now this may just be a cloud, but I think otherwise. I think that these pictures show the eyes of a particular character (it is suspicious that both pictures have the eye). It could be Scarlet Witch, but given his role in the comics and the colours (which I know represent Iron Man and Captain America anyway) that are used, I think this could be Spider Man. This could be suggesting that Spider Man will be fulfilling his comicbook role of being torn between two sides, which has only been rumoured and was suggested before Marvel gained Spider Man’s movie rights back to be a role that Black Panther would fill. It could even be someone unexpected that has had enough time to be set up, like Daredevil.

I do believe the symbol next to the eye is the letter ‘s’ (not the symbol for hope) which could also be an allusion to Spider Man or Scarlet Witch. Otherwise, why not feature Scarlet Witch or even Spider Man here? I’ve mentioned before how I think Scarlet Witch could betray expectations and be on Iron Man’s side, so for me, I don’t think it’s a stretch for her to be on his side. Her costume for Civil War has pretty much been revealed, so why the lack of showing her? Does she die at the start because of Crossbones, thus causing the Civil War? I don’t think so, given her new costume, her brother’s death, her recent introduction and the fact that she’s one of the only females, but that could also be a possibility. I get how Spider Man might not be shown, out of secrecy, but the reveal could’ve been a great way to show the new costume.

So what do you think? Is this an eye? Or is it just a cloud? Share your opinions below!

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