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This year marks the tenth anniversary of the retooled, relaunched Battlestar Galactica TV series. Started as a miniseries and continuing as a regular series through to 2009, this show was as a well received and as divisive as any to show on the SyFy network.

With it's morally grey characters, religious overtones, and military structure it's influences have continued to this day in one way or another .

Edward J. Olmos as CDR. Will Adama
Edward J. Olmos as CDR. Will Adama

Eschewing lasers, plasma torpedoes, and other tropes of standard sci-fi, the show incorporated bullets, missiles, and rail-guns, all tech used by our own current military. On it's last season, this version unlike it's 1970's predecessor, even used it's story line to show the influence of an established technological race upon a planet of humans in their primitive civilization.

Shows such as The Last Ship, Fringe, and even in the later seasons of Stargate show the influence of moral choices and military oversight in to their plot-lines as a direct influence of this series.

Fans of the original series have either embraced as a celebrated heir to the original, or as the spawn of some evil childhood destroying monster. The choices and situations on this series pulled from our own turbulent times and tried to use a sci-fi setting as a way to show the audience what their favorite characters would do when push came to shove.

These reasons are why this controversial show is still celebrated after a decade of it's pilot episode.

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