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Pretty Little Liars is one of the things that i love. Disney movies is another one. It was while i was watching a PLL episode when the idea of combining my two passions in one article came on my mind!! So here is what i think. Enjoy :)

1. Hanna > Cinderella

The beauty, glamour and kind heart they have in common make Hanna and Cinderella the perfect twins!

2. Aria > Snow White

White skin, big eyes, black hair, charm and kindness... Total match!!

3. Spencer > Megara

With the powerfull behaviour and all the intelligence (plus the appearence), Spencer and Megara make a perfect match!

4. Emily > Pocahontas

I only have two words to say : COPY - PASTE!!

5. Alison > Aurora

Blond curls, blue eyes, charm...Just give it a look and BOOM... Match!

6. Mona > Belle

Big lips and eyes, brown hair... Another COPY- PASTE here!!

7. Jason > The beast (Prince Adam) beast actually!! ;D

I hope you enjoyed!! <3


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