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When Warner Brothers held a very well received private screening of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Ben Affleck's take on the caped crusader earned so much praise that the company are now considering turning his standalone Batman movie, into a trilogy that would be the cornerstone for their DC Extended Universe. Affleck will star, direct and co-write the first instalment with Geoff Johns. Johns has stated that the film will be inspired by Earth One, a story penned by Johns himself.

The Batman v Superman trailers have also strongly hinted that "Under the Hood" would be incorporated into a solo Batman movie, with the vandalised Robin suit and the letter Batman receives. The trailer also hints at the existence of various characters such as Two Face and Riddler, and Suicide Squad confirms that Deadshot, Killer Croc, Joker and Harley Quinn all exist in this universe, solidifying the announcement that Batman is a seasoned veteran.

With an already well established rogues gallery, one has to wonder who we could possibly see in this trilogy. Let's start with the obvious introduction.


Robin has been confirmed to exist in this universe at some point. A set photo was released that shocked and enraged fans around the world. The photo contained a Tombstone that read "Richard Grayson". A very risky move for Zack Snyder to make, but what if it is just a ruse? The latest theory is that Scott Eastwood's mystery character in Suicide Squad is none other than Agent 37 aka Dick Grayson. It seems that Snyder has incorporated elements of the New 52 Nightwing run where Batman and Robin faked Nightwing's death so he could infiltrate an organization for Bruce Wayne. Jason Todd's Robin has been all but confirmed with the suit and letter from the Comic Con trailer.

With Batman being around for more than 20 years, it's safe to assume that Tim Drake could be operational as Red Robin. With Drake now Red Robin, the solo Batman movie could introduce Wayne's son Damien, the son of Batman and the grandson of Ra's Al Ghul.
Damien's involvement could also lead to the inclusion of this certain love interest...

Talia Al Ghul

While The Dark Knight Rises' Talia was a decent addition to the trilogy, it wasn't a great adaptation of the character. We have to see the twisted love affair between her and Bruce, both of them dealing with their son and their alliances. Sure, some people think that if Batman is to have a love interest it should be Catwoman, but I think we need a fresh start.

Having Talia included would incorporate the League of Assassins into the Extended Universe and also mean the introduction of this character...

Red Hood

This is a given. Nearly every DC fan on earth wants to see Under the Hood adapted into the next Batman solo movie. With it being heavily hinted that Jason is dead, it looks like the studio is going towards bringing the Red Hood to life. What would be better than seeing Batman deal with the guilt and stress of a dead sidekick, only to have said sidekick return to wreak havoc on Gotham's underworld

With Under the Hood, you could establish many of Gotham's criminal masterminds such as Penguin, Two Face and this certain kingpin...

Black Mask

Probably the most underrated character in Batman's rogues gallery, Roman Sionis has been mishandled in nearly every media adaptation of Batman. He was reduced to a whimpering punk in Arkham City. Arkham Origins showed promise for Sionis but decided to throw the Joker in our faces once again and butcher Black Mask, and Gotham completely screwed him up by making him a villain of the week. We need a mixture between what Arkham Origins' Black Mask could have been, and Under the Red Hood. A crime boss with ruthless aggression, someone who isn't afraid to get his hands dirty and who runs Gotham. If they decided to go the Arkham Origins direction, they could include various assassins such as Deadshot, Bronze Tiger and my next choice...


Could you imagine a live action battle between Deathstroke and Batman. The world's deadliest assassin against the world's greatest detective. Fans were disappointed when he wasn't included in Suicide Squad, but what if Warner Brothers are keeping him for a future Batman movie? He could become an antagonist for all three movies in the trilogy, just as long as they don't butcher him like Arkham Knight did.
Here's the trailer to Arkham Origins to give you taste of what a Batman v Deathstroke fight would actually look like


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