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There are two things that I love the most: superheroes and writing. And it's great whenever I do something that involves both.
Wyatt Smith

1.) Billy Batson/ Shazam

Before we're set to see Shazam later in the future with his own movie, why not make him cameo in Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice? Maybe in a scene Superman save a kid, and that kid can be Billy Batson, who'll become Shazam in the future.

2.) Green Lantern

To reference this character from the comics, maybe show a bright green light flying up in the air while being captured on CCTV footage. The reason I'd liked to see this character is because we need to see all the heroes that are going to make up the Justice League coming later.

3.) Green Arrow

While we've already seen this character on CW's Arrow, I'd like for Stephen Amell to come into the DCCU as this character and maybe connect the television series to the movies.

4.) Vicki Vale

I'd like to see her because she is a very cool character, and I think she would make a great addition to the DCCU. I think Emma Stone or Natalie Dormer would make a perfect Vicki Vale. Maybe include a cameo from Kim Basinger, who played the character in Tim Burton's 1989 Batman movie alongside Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson.

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