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Recently, I went back and started re-reading some of the comic books from right around the time of where The Walking Dead left off from season 5. If you HAVEN’T read the comic books, but want to, you may want to leave and come back after you do.

Timewise, we are right around Vol 13: Too Far Gone and Vol 14: No Way Out. There are some standout moments happening in Alexandria in the comics about now, and some I really hope we will get to see come to life. Then there are others that I wonder if they will be incorporated and if so, who may be the TV show counterpart?

1. We know the wolves are coming...

...and while they are not specifically part of the books, there is a part of Vol 13: Too Far Gone, when a supply run goes awry for Glenn and Heath. The gunfire is heard by another group out getting supplies and they end up at the gates of Alexandria. One of the last scenes from Season 5 was the wolves finding Aarons pack with the pictures of Alexandria, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they know where it is. However, if they hear the gunfire from Glenn and Heath’s supply run, that could easily lead them to the gates.

Two supporting factors here: One, we see Glenn and Heath in that comic con trailer, and two, we know the wolves will show up at the ASZ. So, if that is the case, this panel could absolutely happen, and also be the catalyst that brings on that foul-mouthed mother-f***er, Negan. The good news? This particular encounter is quickly cut short by Andrea (yup, she’s still kickin’ in the comics, and pretty bad ass), who is stationed in the clock tower as a watchout. It really does seem like Sasha is being groomed as the show’s version of Andrea, so having her already up in the clocktower is a good indication she could come to Rick’s rescue on the show, as Andrea did in the comics.

2. Will another couple find love in the apocalypse?

Or at least a warm bed? One of the most fun and surprisingly little moments from the comics is when Morgan ends up in bed with Michonne. Both having lost their entire family to the undead, they find comfort with one another, but alas, it is not to last. Yet, this is definitely one of those instances where it would be nice to have a slight ray of sunshine, especially if that means getting Michonne to smile.

I am also fairly certain Rick and Jesse will have a brief moment before chaos erupts. But I really liked the idea of Morgan and Michonne. First, they are both Jedi Ninjas with their respective weapons. They both seem super chill, even in the face of adversity. And, they are both definitely choice members of my ZA team!

3. Who will get stabbed/shot?

In this page from Vol 14 – No Way Out, Aaron is seen charging up to the gates on the last remaining horse that was saved from the Greene Farm. Aaron and Eric were out recruiting and Eric gets stabbed. Now, in the show, Daryl is Aaron’s new recruiting partner because Eric has a broken ankle. While all the horses on the show have become walker food, I think its entirely possible for Daryl to be the one that gets stabbed, and Aaron takes him back on the bike.

Its a way to replicate the scene from the comics, as Gimple is fond to do (and to that I am forever grateful). It is also a something that could easily happen since in the last seconds of the comic con trailer for TWD Season 6, we do see Daryl in a rather unfavorable position. That’s not to say he can’t get free, he is pretty formidable. Before anyone gets upset… Eric totally survives in the comics, and I have no doubt Daryl will too, for now.

5. What Will Happen to Carl?

Now, without giving too much away about the actual injury Carl suffers, he life was definitely on the line in the books, and a lot worse than getting shot by Otis. During an escape of a herd that made its way into Alexandria, Rick, Carl, Jesse, and Ron are making their way in walker gut-covered suits. As events unfold around them, a few characters make the attempt fail, and Carl is hurt in the processes. But he’s not the only one. Jesse and Ron are lost, as is Douglas Monroe (Deanna’s comic book counterpart).

Up until now, the show has really only given us one character that loses an important body part, that being Hershel. Bob lost his leg, but had already been bit. Tyrese lost an arm, but not fast enough as the infection spread quickly. Will Carl luck out? Will his handicap lead to his death?

6. The biggest threat is from within… season 5, Nicholas wasn’t exactly a fan of the new group. He especially latched onto Glenn, trying to kill him multiple times. Well, there is really not too much of a difference in the comics. Nicholas is a douche, and only tries to kill Glenn, but also tries to take over the entire community from Rick, after Douglas died in the herd attack. Which, leads us to yet another scene right from the pages to the screen…

Taken from the end of Vol. 15: We Find Ourselves – is the very confrontation that is absolutely chilling in The Walking Dead’s season 6 trailer. Rick, pointing a gun at an unknown adversary, gives that speech from above (of course the names are a smidge different) but thanks to the comics, we have a good idea of who he is giving it too.

When Nicholas tries to upend Rick’s plan to rebuild Alexandria, he is met with a bit of opposition, not just from Rick, but others in the community who are starting to back Rick and his group. But, how will it go down on the show? Will Nicholas be on the other end of the gun, or will it be the newly casted Carter (Ethan Embry)? In the trailer he isn’t exactly down with Rick’s plans.

Now It’s Your Turn

What comic book moments are you hoping makes the cut for season 6? Do you think Negan will make an appearance by the end? There are two major character deaths at this point in the comics, that I didn’t want to put here for spoiler sake, but if you read the comics, you know that we will be down two members of Rick’s group. Who do you think will be the first major casualty of season 6? Vote in the poll below and make sure to leave your comments too – we always want to hear what you think!


Who will be the first to go in Season 6?


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