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Based on the famous Robert Louis Stevenson novel 'Treasure Island', Treasure Planet is a Disney film following the story of Jim Hawkins, a young man who has, well, lost his way in life. Treasure Planet is one of my all time favorite films for a number of reasons, and I feel, one of the most under-rated Disney films. I think that, ironically, it's a forgotten treasure. I related a lot to Jim when I was younger, having a similar relationship with my father, and this film has remained incredibly meaningful in my life. So, without further ado, here are my reasons why Treasure Planet is arguably one of the greatest Disney films of all time.

1. The Soundtrack

First of all, what I think is one of the key elements of any film, the soundtrack: It's phenomenal. The stand out song on the list is of course 'I'm Still Here' (Jim's Theme), performed by Johnny Rzeznik. The song comes at a key point in the film, and brilliantly shows Jim's emotions in relation to losing his father, and how he starts to see John Silver as a sort of father figure. The song is amazingly well performed, and captures the moment perfectly.

2. The Accuracy

Not only does Treasure Planet absolutely nail the soundtrack, but it also follows the book extremely closely. Minus the whole space thing, of course. Aside from that, the film is almost a copy of the book. It's nice to see a film that follows the source material so brilliantly, and it's actually rather refreshing, especially after the recent disasters. (Looking at you, Half-Blood Prince)

3. The characters/casting

Joseph Gordon-Levitt voiced Jim Hawkins
Joseph Gordon-Levitt voiced Jim Hawkins

A film is nothing without good characters, and once again, Treasure Planet delivers. Joseph Gordon-Levitt takes the lead role as Jim Hawkins, and it works brilliantly. Pair that with the anti-hero of a character that is John Silver and you have some unforgettable dialogue, and some truly touching moments.

Not only that, but in a serious film, especially an animated one, it's nice to have some comedic relief. B.E.N and Dr. Doppler provide that by the bucket load, and it really adds a more relaxing tone to what otherwise has the potential to be quite heavy on the ol' heartstrings.

So, there you have it. There's why I think Treasure Planet is not only my favorite Disney movies, but one of the greatest, most under-rated movies of all time. Just to finish, here's Jim's theme, enjoy!


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