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Hello Moviepilot, Kaleb Koho here again with another post. This time I'd like to share with you my showcase of trailers for upcoming & rumored projects. These videos come straight from my YouTube channel, Koho Productions. If you like these types of videos and want to see more, subscribe to Koho Productions on YouTube and comment below what trailer you want me to make next. On to the showcase!

1. Avengers: Infinity War - Part 1 (2018)

CLARIFICATION: This trailer features footage from TASM2 in place of Tom Holland as we do not have any footage of him yet.


Was the "Infinity War" trailer good?

2. Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor (speculated film)

CLARIFICATION: This is an oddball trailer for a Doctor Who film based on the TV episode/special The Day of The Doctor... It's really just a Doctor Who film trailer.


Was the "Doctor Who" trailer good?

3. Justice League - Part One (2017)

CLARIFICATION: This trailer uses clips from the DCTV Universe. I do hope these characters crossover together. Also, I made Vandal Savage the bad guy, and the fight scene between Arrow & Ra's Al Ghul is supposed to be Savage vs Arrow.


Was the "Justice League" trailer good?

4. Wholock (rumored Doctor Who/Sherlock crossover)

CLARIFICATION: Clips of the two together come from the viral video of the same name. I also acknowledge that if the crossover happened now, it would be between the 12th Doctor (Peter Capaldi) & Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch), rather than Matt Smith's 11th Doctor (my favorite). I also acknowledge that The Master (John Simms) would no longer be an option as The Master has regenerated into The Mistress/Missy, so this version of The Master is an impossibility. I finally acknowledge that the 11th Doctor has never crossed paths with The Master.


Was the "Wholock" trailer good?

5. The Wolverine: Old Man Logan (2017)


Was the "Old Man Logan" trailer good?

6. Marvel vs DC (rumored crossover)


Was the "Marvel vs. DC" trailer good?

If you enjoyed these trailers, drop by Koho Productions on YouTube and subscribe for more content. Comment below what trailer you would like to see me make next.


Which trailer did you enjoy most?


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