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Six new photos have been released by director Zack Snyder. The pictures portray and angry Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman. But there's more! DC have also given fans a better look at the Batmobile. In some ways, it bears a resemblance to Christopher Nolan's Batmobile.

So, lets see the pictures! (Source)

Well, that's one angry Superman! I so want to see Batman's face right now!

This is what DC Said about Superman's angry look:

We’re used to seeing Superman as in control and good tempered. He may be a man of action and willing to throw a punch in the name of justice, but rarely does he get mad. And yet, that’s the only way to describe him in one of the latest photos to be released from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Squaring off against Batman, the Man of Steel looks moments away from letting loose with a blast of heat vision DCCOMICS

Diana looks ever so charming in her non-Wonder Woman clothes.

Here we have it, the BATMOBILE! It looks a little lower and wider than Christian Bale's tumbler. Which one do you prefer?

Thinking to himself "the time has come".

Bruce looks pretty angry too, but let's face it - their hair looks pretty awesome!

Here we see Clark Kent working on a new article. They've fixed the town pretty fast since the last time we saw it, huh?


So, what do you think about these new pictures ?


What are you most looking forward to about the movie?


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