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Earlier this week, Paramount Pictures announced that a second Jack Reacher film is slated for release on October 21, 2016.

The film will be based on Lee Child’s 2013 novel and the eighteenth entry in the series, “Never Go Back”. In the book, Reacher is under investigation for a crime he swears he didn’t commit, and teams up with MP Major Susan Turner in an effort to clear his name. Reacher and Turner travel throughout the USA to get the the truth behind the crimes Reacher is being charged with, and avoiding their captors all the while.

The first Jack Reacher movie is a criminally underrated action thriller that didn’t perform well in the United States, but was well received overseas, grossing over $210 million, justifying the creation of a sequel.

Jack Reacher 2, presumably subtitled Never Go Back, will see Tom Cruise return to portray the titular character, and, like the first film, will showcase a middle-aged female lead opposite Cruise. Another major character in the book is a 16-year old girl named Samantha, and casting a well-known teenager in this supporting role would bode well for publicity.

The project will also reunite Cruise with director Edward Zwick. The pair worked together on 2003’s The Last Samurai. While it’s unfortunate not to see Christopher McQuarrie, director of the first Reacher film, helming the project, he will return as executive producer. This is good news, considering McQuarrie and Cruise have collaborated to create a handful of stellar action thrillers, including Valkyrie, The Edge of Tomorrow, and Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation. Though Cobie Smulders is rumored to appear in the film, no other casting announcements have been made at this time.

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