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"The Transporter Refueled" is an action/thriller film directed by Camille Delamarre. It stars Ed Skrein as the titular character who replaces Jason Statham. The film is rated PG-13 for sequences of violence and action, sexual material, some language, a drug reference and thematic elements and the running time is 96 minutes. The film's budget is 22 million and the box office revenue SO FAR is 2,4 million.

BEFORE THE MOVIE: This reboot is one of the most unnecessary of 2015 after "Hitman: Agent 47". At first, when I saw Ed Skrein instead of Jason Statham in the trailer, I said to myself, WHY? But when we got closer to the release, it looks like he was good in it. But I have to remind myself that Camille Delamarre, director of 2014's Brick Mansions is helming the film and is produced by EuropaCorp one of the worst action companies ever who produces over-edited action movies where you can't see *CENSORED*. But then again, IGN gave the film a 7/10, but then again, John Campea... If you've seen Collider Movie Talk, you know what I mean.

AFTER THE MOVIE: Ugh. First things first, the positives. Ed Skrein actually manages to be G-R-E-A-T and really understands the character of Frank Martin and replaces Jason Statham perfectly. The thing that I was worried the most in the film, actually works. I'm really looking forward to see him as Ajax in Deadpool. He, like Alicia Vikander, is an up and coming actor who we will see in LOADS of movies in 2016. Some of the action scenes in the movie are OK at best like the drawer fight scene. Here are my negatives. The biggest negative I have is that the action scenes are once again, OVER-EDITED! This feels like Taken 3 all over again. The action scenes are chopped and edited to *CENSORED* which makes the action scenes super tough to watch and takes you out of the picture, especially when you're watching it in IMAX! When there weren't any action, I was 100% immersed in the picture thanks to IMAX's immersive experience but the action scenes literally took me out and gave me eye pain. And the rest of the acting (Minus a great Ray Stevenson) is god-awful. Loan Chabanol is terrible, the villain is laughable and THE SCRIPT! (Is that even a thing?) The script is a winner for the worst of 2015 script. The writing is so piss-poor and NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING pays off, especially the twist. Also, the editing in this movie is SO BAD because in one action scenes, they just shove-up the drawer scene in a moment which MAKES NO SENSE because the door of the room is locked and then he TELEPORTS from the locked room to the drawers and BACK to the locked room. And you might think Ray Stevenson gets kidnapped once, BUT NO!!!!! HE GETS KIDNAPPED TWICE!



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