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On September 4 Disney and Lucasfilm launched Force Friday. Even though a plethora of new toys from the upcoming The Force Awakens were released, Sphero's lifelike BB-8 replica understandably was received with the most hype. Priced at the expensive amount of $150, here is why you should buy Sphero's amazing new creation:

1. BB8's driving mechanics are INCREDIBLE:

Have you seen the first trailer for The Force Awakens? When we first see BB-8, the droid is rolling around on Tatooine. With Sphero's new replica, you can roll him/her around the same way. BB-8's signature movement style stays the same with the head always staying centered as it rolls. While the movement is tricky to learn at first, it is quick and agile as it navigates your environment. You can even put it in reverse or have it perform demo movements like a figure 8. However, driving the droid is only half of the fun.

2. BB-8 is an interactive response droid:

Much like the interactive R2-D2 that has been around for years, BB-8 is programmed to think on its own. It responds to preset phrases while using voice control and you always have the option to have it emit responses with the push of a button. It is always beeping and responding on its own, even though these qualities are more limited while you are driving it. It's responses range from happy and buzzing to whiny and petulant. Sphero did an excellent job at giving the droid its own realistic personality.

3. BB-8 has a REALLY cool exploration mode:

While driving the BB-8 is fun, I personally think the exploration mode is more fun to watch. BB-8 is in complete control of itself, and it buzzes around and responds to the room as it pleases. When you first put it in exploration mode, it is a given that it will bump into things. Don't worry though, because its hardware is extremely durable (more on that later). As it explores, you can watch a bunch of droid readings on the app. It takes notice of obstacles it runs into each exploration, making its own map of "enemies" to avoid on the exploration. BB-8 essentially learns on its own how to navigate your personal environment.

4. BB-8 has a AR messaging system:

BB-8's AR messaging system is something you will touch once. If you're lucky, it might be a hit with your kids. It is similar to the DSI's AR system. The general idea of it is that you film a message on the app and then hold the app up to BB-8. You look into the app and see your message play out of BB-8's head. Unfortunately, the technology for BB-8 to project holograms obviously isn't here yet :/ .

5. The app that runs BB-8 is extremely easy to handle:

The app that runs the droid is straight forward. It is compatible on Apple and Android products as well. Don't buy BB-8 if you don't have the compatibility to run the app though. The most fun you will get out of it without the app is to watch it spin its head on the charger.

6. The charger is both convenient and a stand:

BB-8's charger is a pad that plugs in to the wall. All you have to do to charge it is place it on the pad. It also makes for a great stand for it to rest on. Three hours of charging time amounts to about one hour of playtime.

7. His durability is GREAT:

BB-8 is tough. The reason it costs so much is because it won't break easily. Sometimes its head might pop off when it hits things, but don't be alarmed. Just pop its head back on as it is magnetized. It's not going anywhere anytime soon as long as you don't drop it off a high surface. It seems very durable so far, and the body is completely sealed. Nothing can get into it as a result. Just take an ounce of care and common sense and it should be fine.

If you want to see it in action, watch this:

Video for sphero bb8▶ 2:01

In conclusion, you should buy the BB-8 because it is awesome. You know that you want it, so go out and buy the loveable droid from The Force Awakens. You will be very happy that you did.


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